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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Changing the keyboard shortcut to access Siri on Mac

In macOS there are multiple ways to invoke Siri, for example you can open Siri with a keyboard shortcut, from the icon in the menu bar, or you can open Siri from the dock icon. in case you want to customize access to Siri, you can change the keyboard shortcut to taste (if conflicts with other matches shortcuts are avoided), allowing you to create a shortcut custom keyboard to open Siri on Mac.

Referring to how to modify the keyboard shortcut to open Siri on the Mac will be done in the next tutorial, so you will have no impact on something else and all standard commands Siri on Mac will work regardless of how you access the virtual assistant.

How to customize the keyboard shortcut Siri in MacOS

  • Go to the main menu and select "System Preferences"
  • Select the control panel "Siri"
  • Click the menu next to "Shortcut" and select one of the pre-set shortcuts keyboards or select a custom keyboard shortcut

The keyboard shortcut you use to open Siri on the Mac will depend on your preferences. Remember, if you use a method custom keyboard shortcut, you must make sure that it does not match any other shortcut, so you avoid conflicts with other applications.

Open Siri through a keyboard shortcut is especially useful for applications that choose to hide the icon in the menu bar and dock icon as it becomes the only way to access the wizard.

With this brief tutorial, you can already start Siri more efficiently and quickly, if you need to click on the icon doc or from the main menu bar.

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