Changing the Name of your iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch

Customize our device is something that we always like, either with a wallpaper, ring tones for calls or applications. Change the name of our Apple device is something that makes it unique and ours. A personalized name can be used, for example, when connecting to another device over a Bluetooth connection.

Here we show you how to change the name of your iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch , so customize it more to your liking.

Changing the name of your iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch

Changing the name of your iPad or iPhone

  • Go from your home screen to Settings.
  • Once in Setup, you must enter General.
  • At the top you will find the information section, where you must enter.
  • Click on Name, which lets you choose the name you want for your device.

Changing the name of your Apple Watch

  • Open the application from your iPhone Apple Watch, which must be synchronized with your watch.
  • Enter General.
  • Within General press information.
  • Click on Name and type you want to customize your device.

Although the iOS operating system can not customize much, the ability to rename opened slightly the range of possibilities for customizing our Apple device. Did you change the name to your device?
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