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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Check the settings of your iPhone and iPad with Hey Siri

As you know, one of the features that most changes has developed 10 is precisely Siri iOS . We are not tired to squeeze the most of our favorite virtual assistant: we want you to benefit serves and so I try to teach all the tricks , even the most far - fetched . Today we show how to check and change the settings of your iPhone or iPad from the comfort of your sofa, ie remotely using Hey Siri.

Make no mistake, the possibilities for adjustments in our iPhone and iPad are almost endless. Therefore it is sometimes difficult to remember where is what and if I have a certain function activated. With a simple phrase we can take actions on our panel settings, from simply open a particular submenu to modify a particular item. For example, we can use night mode or switch to battery saving mode .

But it goes much further. What if we have mobile charging in our room and we suddenly doubts arise? Will Wi-Fi enabled? And the Bluetooth? Have I left the do not disturb mode? Remember: with Siri Hey we do not have to approach check. Just make sure Hey Siri is on: Settings> Siri> Hey Siri slipped and forget everything.

When you say Hey Siri followed by your question, such as "Hey Siri is the Wi-Fi enabled?" Siri will answer you about your current situation, besides enabling them on or off. But the list of commands that can give you is infinite: from ask if we have an event today, nearby pharmacies, ask for the recipe for authentic Valencian paella, ask someone's number, call a contact ...

Let your imagination fly and make the genius of your iPhone meets your desires. What do you usually give orders to your virtual assistant Siri? Do you You notice greater effectiveness and accuracy with the new iOS 10?

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