Clash of Clans receives new defenses and troop levels

Supercell just announced that Clash of Clans, one of the most downloaded games in the App Store, has just received an update that adds new defenses and troop levels.

New troop levels: the wizard, dragon and baby dragon.
New levels of defense: the crossbow, mortar and Tesla tower.
Train Your army is now easier with the rapid training.
Friendly Wars, discounts on upgrades and more!

As I said, the update adds new levels of troops, namely the wizard, dragon and dragon baby, while on the other hand, we also have added new levels to the crossbow, mortar and Tesla tower.

Similarly, the bomber has been added Tower, a defense that is clearly based on Clash Royale, another star Supercell games.

Finally, thanks to this update will be easier and faster to train our army have been added to the expected friendly Wars and daily specials in the shop, which will get resources or defenses for a price that will vary depending on what question.

Clash of Clans is available free and universal.

Clash of Clans (AppStore Link) Clash of Clans 
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