Compare iOS 6 TO iOS10 : Model in the iPhone 5

Every year, Apple has regularly updated the iOS operating system for the iPhone, each generation has a feature that highlights different last EverythingApplePro revealed video test speed comparison iOS 10 with iOS model in the iPhone 5 to see each generation. Where will it go faster.

For comparison, the speed EverythingApplePro is installed iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9 in the iPhone 5 and iOS 10 each, all five machines and test speed - turn off the app on each side. Compare that with the emphasis on speed, iOS 10-speed or slower than iOS version of each story.

Open test

Initially, the tests were all shut. Then turn on simultaneously by the iPhone 5 with iOS 6 loaded onto Main fastest and iPhone 5 with iOS 10 loads powering Main slowest.

Test the Function and Control Center settings.

The test button once to Home 2 Multitasking results show that the iPhone 5 with iOS 6 shows the app is open. (Multitasking) was the fastest of the iPhone 5 with iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9 and iOS 10 at a similar speed. To test the Control Center and open setting.

Test, open App Store / iTunes Store.

The test open the App Store simultaneously (Internet) turns out that the iPhone 5 with iOS 7 and load data as soon as possible, followed by iOS 6 and the final iOS 10 and the test launch iTunes Store results show that iPhone. 5 with iOS 6 Loading fastest. Also, iOS 10 in the final sequence.

Speed ​​Internet connection with Wifi.

Testers launch apps SpeedTest to test speed Internet connection Wifi result is iPhone 5 with iOS 6 with download speeds most internet at 109.83 Mb / s of iOS 10 at 101.03 Mb / s, less than iOS. 6 iPhone 5 to have a little part of iOS 8-speed internet download over Wifi minimum.

Test performance with Geekbench / AnTuTu.

The test is open to the Geekbench app performance. The scores are as follows:

  • Processor single-core CPU (Single Core) is the most iPhone 5 with iOS 9 has the lowest score is 764 to 709 iOS 8 points.
  • Multi-core CPU processing (Multi Core) is the most iPhone 5 with iOS 6 has 1294 points to 1143 points, the lowest iOS 10.

(It is surprising as to why the iPhone 5 with iOS 10 to have the same level or less, iOS 6).

After the test the CPU and graphics processing speed, generally through AnTuTu found that the iPhone 5 with iOS 8 9 10 with the best results that the iPhone 5 with iOS 6 7 iOS 10 with the best results.

Speed ​​Test Siri command / calculation.

The experiment tested the effect is activated Siri iPhone 5 with iOS 10 Siri is responding fastest iOS 6 has the slowest response.

Next, testers can command Siri to perform calculations showed that the iPhone 5 with iOS 8 is showing results faster than iOS 10 is the final iOS 6.


i Phone 5 launches since 2555 can support iOS 10 as well as in the use of each side. Although slower than the previous iOS at some point. They differ only slightly. And overall suggests that the iPhone 5 with iOS 10 is processed by the CPU and graphics faster reasonably well.

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