Confirmed: The iPhone7 - 32GB are slower, this video shows what -


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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Confirmed: The iPhone7 - 32GB are slower, this video shows what

A week ago you were talking about the possibility that the 32GB iPhone 7 could be slower than other capabilities model . Well, now a video confirms the problem known as #speedgate that makes the iPhone 32GB 7 is the slowest, even more than the iPhone 6s Plus 64GB.

In the video that we show below you you can see there is a big difference in the writing speed 7 32GB iPhone versus other models of different storage capacities. And not only we talk to other iPhone models 7 and 7 Plus, to the surprise of everyone, the 32GB iPhone 7 stays well below previous models.

Without going any further, the iPhone 6s Plus 64GB write speed quadruples the iPhone 7 32GB with 200MB 42MB per second versus respectively. A devastating difference in the ability of writing we do not understand very well.

32GB iPhone7 is slower than their younger siblings

This problem, as we have said above is known as #speedgate, he has surprised all users. In the video that appears under these lines you can see the differences in writing speed information that the iPhone 7 32GB compared to other models with other capabilities.

The ability to read and write memory 7 32GB iPhone is much slower than with other capabilities the same model, as demonstrated in the video made by Lew Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy . For comparison you used an app called Performance Test Mobile on an iPhone 7 32GB and a 128Gb capacity.

In the results you can see that the 32GB iPhone 7 has a capacity of 656MB per second read, while the 128GB makes it to 856MB per second. Here the difference is not very big, but if you look at the writing speed things change even more.

In memory write, the iPhone 7 32GB offers a speed of 42MB per second, while the 128GB model does to 341MB per second. As you see, the difference is truly abysmal for the same model in which the only thing that changes is the storage capacity.

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  1. Its just affect speed when copy thing like from computer to the phone right?. Not like speed when opening any apps right?


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