Confirmed: next iPhone will use a curved OLED screen -


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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Confirmed: next iPhone will use a curved OLED screen

The president of Sharp, Tai Jeng-wu, who is also an executive high - profile Foxconn (one of Apple's suppliers), said publicly that the next iPhone Cupertino company will use a curved screen based on diode technology organic light emitting (OLED) similar to that found in the Galaxy S7.

Apple currently uses OLED displays on the Apple Watch and the touchbar the new MacBook Pro. Until now, all devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch use traditional LCD screens.

This was what Tai told students at the University of Tatung:

The iPhone has evolved and now change LTPS (low temperature polysilicon) to the OLED panels. OLEDs do not know if Apple iPhones will be successful, but if Apple does not transit this way and becomes, there will be no innovation. It is a crisis, but it is also an opportunity.

Sharp is one of several suppliers of screens for Apple products. At present, however the Japanese company has very limited production capabilities of OLED displays. According to Tai, Sharp can build even OLEDs in the US if Apple asks.

"We are now building a new plant in Japan OLED. We can also manufacture OLED panels in the United States , "he said.

Recall that this week also began circulating a rumor that all models of iPhone 8 will use a chassis of glass with a metal frame, which suggests that Apple bet strong radical change, not only in materials construction, but also in the design of the device itself.

Still, much remains to be known publicly of the new model of smartphone company, but certainly is a change that cries.

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