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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Connect to signal more powerful Wi-Fi with WiFi - The Strongest Link (jailbreak)

We present a new jailbreak tweak called WiFi - The Strongest Link, which will help you monitor the Wi-Fi networks around you in real time and try to keep your device connected to the strongest signal.

By staying connected to Wi-Fi networks with the best signal strength, you can load web pages faster, reduce energy use and experience less error messages while using the Internet.

After installing WiFi - The Strongest Link, you will find a preference pane Wi-Fi completely reworked in Settings -> Wi-Fi.

You will see that the panel has been modified to display the MAC address of any nearby Wi-Fi networks, their security status, the signal strength and more.

You will also see a button on the navigation bar entitled "passwds" which takes you to your stored passwords of Wi-Fi, and you will find more options at the bottom of the configuration of Wi-Fi.

There are two sections in this tweak settings a general configuration to another configuration area.

When you are in the section of general settings, you can set a threshold network that will be taken into account when the tweak change Wi-Fi networks for your convenience and you can also set how the intensity network (percentage dBm or RSSI shown ).

In the zone configuration section, you can adjust the areas where it is used more frequently Wi-Fi. For example, you can set preferences for an area for when you're home and when you're at work so you can configure the Wi-Fi networks that you use most often at each site.

Passwords section tweak basically shows a list of all insured networks and stored passwords.

WiFi - The Strongest Link you can download on your iPhone or iPad jailbroken from the BigBoss Cydia repository, with a cost of $ 1.69.

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