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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Create Your Own Story playable on iPhone and iPad with RPG Creator

Do you like RPG games? Would you like to create your own playable story? It is now possible on your iPhone and iPad thanks to RPG Creator, a game that will give you double the fun.

On the one hand, RPG Creator lets you create your own RPGs on the fly to your iOS device. On the other hand, you can play your own creations or those of other users.

Here we have more details of what you can do with the game RPG Creator on your iPhone or iPad. Let's go there!

Build your own RPG with RPG Creator on your iOS device

RPG Creator is a unique application you'll find on the App Store that lets you build maps, create NPCs and monsters, fight epic battles and share your creation with the world. Create villages, castles, caves, world maps and more with the map editor, create your own events, and fulfill your own role-playing game with 2D graphics.

Thanks to the extensive database that counts RPG Creator you can modify and customize your game. On the other hand, has a number of default resources and assets so you can start, or if you prefer, you can import your own.

Once you've finished your RPG you can load and enjoy your creation. In addition, you can enjoy other games created by other users around the world who have decided to share it.

RPG Creator download on your iPhone or iPad

RPG Creator is available on the App Store completely free on the App Store or by clicking on the link beneath these lines for both the iPhone and the iPad. The game is in English, but you can easily understand.

¿You knew and RPG Creator? What do you think the idea of being able to create your own RPG as easily and be able to play next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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