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Monday, 31 October 2016

Deconstructing the myth about how expensive Apple products

It is usually associated with Apple with reliable technology products, with exceptional design and finishes and terribly expensive. As owner convinced several Apple gadgets and experienced user of gadgets I will try to dismantle that myth.

Apple is a company that effectively takes great care line of its products and develops them with care, so blindly bet on them and not diversified taking low and mid ranges. Only they want the best, so you know that if you buy an iPhone, a Mac or iPad you are buying a top product on the market.

Are you comparing Apple with similar products?

Take the example of smartphones. Yes, we can find smartphones for less than 100 euros while a iPhone 7 Plus costs from 909 euros - we talk about the model of iPhone 32GB 5.5 inch. But compare a Ferrari with a Dacia not make much sense, right?. That is, that the comparison is fair both products should have similar characteristics. If we go to the competition of similar quality we find the Huawei P9 32GB GB and 5.5 inches from 550 euros or Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge 5.5 - inch and 32 GB for just over 700 euros . As you can see, the fork top price range is quite small.

If we go to computers, we are in the same problem. On Thursday October 28 Apple introduced its brand new MacBook Pro 2016 with technology Touch Bar and Retina display just a few days after Microsoft did the same with its Microsoft Surface Book , an interesting all-in-one touchscreen. We did not lose the opportunity to meet them face to face to compare their specifications and find that while the starting price of the MacBook is about 1,699 euros, the price range of laptops Microsoft begins about 2,100 euros. A noticeable difference for those who are probably the best portable market price.

But Microsoft is not the only option, Dell also enters the war of high - end with your DELL XPS 9550 , from 3,000 euros and Lenovo is not far behind with its Lenovo ThinkPad P50s , nearly 4,000 euros. And one thing is undeniable: the quality and power have a price.

Why Apple and not other brands?

Let's talk about efficiency and performance

Most Apple users have been previous users of Windows and Android and just fed up with the slow, viruses, obsolescence, endless updates, complexity ... It is no secret that the performance of Apple products is generally higher than of its competitors even though the specifications are similar. This is because the Cupertino design and manufacture both hardware and software development, optimized for their computers. It is therefore better support the daily use and over time.


Planned obsolescence is the design life of a product and in the case of technological gadgets is quite pronounced. After a while, this product is considered outdated and usually stop making parts, updates, etc. for him, so that sooner or later you end up going to the store to renew it.

The direct consequence of better withstand daily trot and greater efficiency, as well as a manufacturing with high quality materials is an Apple product durability. If you buy an iPhone or Mac are buying a team to give intensive for many years, so it will always be better than the competition amortize.

Residual value

But what if past two or three years you decide to sell your iPhone or Mac? The reality is that the market value of the products used Apple is superior to the rest, so in addition to having been a part years enjoying one of the best gadgets on the market, still can get some economic benefit for future investments as the next iPhone 8 or MacBook Pro 2016, although not on sale in our country.

Conversely, if you want an iPhone or a Mac but you can not afford to pay its price, the acquisition of Apple refurbished products is a good choice, due to its obsolescence slower than the rest.


Apple designs and sells products that are the ultimate expression of design and innovation, occupying the high-end market. Compared with rivals we have seen that not only their prices are not outlandish but in some cases, are cheaper than the competition. In addition, given its good performance and longevity, we should consider purchasing an Apple product as a long term investment.

Tell us your experiences with Apple, has been worth the investment?

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