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Monday, 31 October 2016

Disabling autoplay videos on YouTube

By default, playback of YouTube videos are made automatically, as well as automatic loading and playing another video from the playlist, when it has finished the first video Some users may like the playback feature automatic YouTube, but there are other users who do not want to load and play a video after another.

If you want to disable or enable the autoplay on YouTube, you can do it on any desktop operating system and from any web browser.

Disabling autoplay videos on YouTube

Go to any YouTube video from any web browser, as usual

Once the YouTube video has started playing, look right and look for a small switch "Auto Play" and toggle it to the off position to stop the auto play videos

Another option is to click on the gear icon of a YouTube video and disable autoplay from there.

Once you turn off the autoplay videos, this change will not only affect the current YouTube video that is playing, but generally will stop playing automatically all the videos you see on the same YouTube account (Google) .

Unfortunately there is no direct way to stop the Autoplay from the web browser on a mobile device, so the process you need to do from a desktop computer with any operating system and any browser.

Still, if you have installed YouTube app on iOS, you can switch it to be self-reproduction switch on or off.

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