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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Discover the 10 Best iOS widgets for iPhone and iPad

We agree that iOS 10 brings many new features. One of the many changes we have in the new iOS now if 10 is slid to the right on your screen unlock can find the widgets.

These widgets bring many new things. Here we will see a list of what the 10 best 10 for iOS widgets make the most of our last update iPhone and iPad.


This application allows you to save text, links and images that have copied the Internet or an application of our iPhone. Your widget will allow us to see the last things that we copied and can thus see our copy images or directly access the links that we have saved.

Go Launcher

Thanks to this widget you can access directly to our most used applications, our favorite pages and our outstanding contacts.


This widget will allow us, after synchronize our Google accounts, see all the things we have to put that day and the tickets that we put on our Google calendar.


This application allows us to put two Twitter accounts and see our history, references, and news people are following. Even we do "retweet" give "like" and open the tweets you want to see.


The widget known of this application will allow us "to shazam" instantly without having to open the application, very useful thing because it will let us do it in a much faster way for us not passed one.


This application has two different widgets. On the one hand one that indicates the last article we read and on the other hand, another widget that shows the three most viewed articles on Wikipedia. This application is ideal if we are a curious people.

Countdown !!

With this application we can know exactly how long it takes for an event we have planned or how much time has passed since we did anything special to happen. It is a very useful application and we can make more of a problem.


Here we will have a widget that will telling us what the outcome of our favorite teams in real time. Very useful for most sports fans.


With this widget we can have a section where we can write things to remember, such as the pin of our suitcase or the key to our Wi-Fi.

Weather Underground

This application has a widget that will give us to know the weather at the site we have programmed thanks to a very simple graphics to interpret. We may know the temperature in the future or if we have to carry an umbrella tomorrow with just a glance.

Without any doubt, these are the best widgets that exist in the market Whether for profit or out of curiosity one thing is certain. We will greatly facilitate life.

What do you use widgets? What did you think of more interesting?

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