Discover and interact with the Places Around You with Facebook -


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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Discover and interact with the Places Around You with Facebook

Social networks are still trying to reach all aspects of our daily lives, on the one hand, to improve our lives in general and on the other to provide closer to our tastes and hobbies advertising. They help us keep in touch with our family, friends and colleagues; however, this is no longer the main objective of these.

There is more to see how Facebook, the reference in the sector worldwide, continues to diversify its activities . As I said before, it is no longer just a matter of connecting people, but also to connect people with other services, and of course, to control that connection.

Discover places now with Facebook

In this case, as indicated from Actualidad iPhone , the company has announced a forthcoming update to its app for mobile devices, with which the style of Google Maps can know different places that are in our neighborhood. In this way we will not have to leave the app to decide where be next time.

In addition, ** we can contact directly with the local we have chosen ++, and even depending on it we can order food from home, to purchase tickets for various shows. Of course, this system will be based on its own recommendations to help users more quickly choose the best place for every occasion.

Availability of the new update

Like almost all new services that come to us from the US, the new update will come in stages starting only in the same country of origin, and then go reaching other regions over time. I hope it's not too much, to start enjoying these new features as soon as possible.

Really, hard to define the right balance between privacy and comfort. It is a complicated issue which prevail tastes and needs of each. Facebook is well known for using the data of its users with controversial purposes. However, functions like the one shown in this article teach us that, perhaps, provide some access to our life worthwhile.

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