Discover the best emulators for iPhone and iPad and how to use them -


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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Discover the best emulators for iPhone and iPad and how to use them

Facing the imminent arrival of Super Mario Run, more of an Apple user will sense the desire to play more classic on your device. From the App Store we have options available, so the only way is to use an emulator and download the ROM of the game we want.

So in this article we 'll show you what an emulator, which is a ROM and how to install them on your device to enjoy classic games you like.

What is an emulator?

An emulator is software designed to run games that were designed for another format. Therefore, an emulator lets you run a video game made for a specific console inside another operating system. This brings us to the oldest games because we do not buy the console to play them.

How do I install an emulator on my iPhone or iPad?

The downloads are usually direct from the web of different emulators. Among the highlights emulators named Happy Chick, provenence, GBA4iOS, PPSSPP and nds4iOS. All these emulate different consoles like the PSP, Nintendo DS, Gameboy and Mame, the classic of the early 80s.

What iOS work?

Each of these emulators can count on updates, or not, for iOS 10 but generally work properly on iOS iOS 8 and 9. Also, they need permission that can be given from the device settings.

What is it and how to download ROMs?

The ROM is the file containing the floppy disks, cartridges or tapes of games for the old consoles using these different formats.

Now only remains for us look at the various web sites dedicated to downloading ROMs the game we want to use the console in the emulator. With the already downloaded file, we just run it from the emulator to play.

Happy Chick does avoid this step because the user has available a library with direct links to download the games we want to download. It is also easy with it in a single link.

These are the best options to play old games on iPhone or iPad without the need to resort to Jailbreak. Not being downloads from the App Store, each user carries the responsibility of permits, certificates or damage that may result from each emulator ROM or downloaded.

Already you have any emulator on your iPhone or iPad? How is your gaming experience?

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