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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Discover Calibrating the battery in your iPhone

As we all know, the iPhone has a battery life quite significantly. However, not all users are able to experience optimal performance of it. When episodes occur where the battery level gives drastic jumps, or the phone is still far off 1%, is likely to be necessary to perform a calibration to the battery .

This is something that very few people can do, even many believe is so complicated that are in the need to go for service. But do not worry, here you will learn to calibrate the battery of your iPhone in a successful manner and leverage their peak performance.

Why should we calibrate the battery?

Calibrating the battery of any device is something that should be done regularly, especially after a software update, such as the new update iOS 10 which is reducing the battery life of the iPhone . By doing this, we achieved two very important things: improve the condition of the battery and help the software to properly calculate the battery life.

Calibrating the battery, what we do is order the software restore power control battery statistics and remeasure phone use, resulting in a more accurate percentage of battery.

How to calibrate the battery of your iPhone correctly?

If you do not know how to calibrate the battery of your iPhone , it is very simple. What you do is drain the battery completely and recharge it again, thus achieved iOS detect the actual battery capacity. This may not sound very convincing, but in fact, is the best way to recharge the lithium ions from any device. Besides, you can check to calibrate the battery of your iPhone.

Tips to calibrate the battery of your iPhone

  1. The first step is to drain the battery completely. This can be achieved using your iPhone, watching videos, increasing the brightness of the screen, turning the flashlight, etc. It is advisable, then discharge the battery, let your iPhone off to rest overnight to ensure complete discharge.
  2. The next step is to connect your iPhone to the charger. You must ensure that the battery reaches 100%, personally, I recommend charge your iPhone while you're off and, after reaching 100% leave a few hours to make sure the battery is loaded to maximum capacity, a few extra two hours would suffice.

  1. When charging your iPhone off will make it faster, generate less heat and stretch the life of the battery. An iPhone shutdown may take about three hours to charge to 100%, so leave about five hours loading will be sufficient to ensure a Full load.
  2. Now that your iPhone is fully charged, you must make a reset. To accomplish this, you must press the sleep button and home, until the Apple logo appears on the screen. If your iPhone uses iOS version 7, the screen will go blank, do not worry, you just have to release both buttons and hold the suspension until the Apple logo appears, then, you can disconnect your iPhone charger.
  3. Finally, you normally use your iPhone and let it download completely again, repeat all the steps again and voila, your battery is fully calibrated.

As you can see, it is not very difficult to calibrate the battery of your iPhone correctly, just have a little patience and follow these steps. If in your case, do this does not work, you should try another way to extend your iPhone battery , or, in the worst case change the battery because its life may be reduced over time. If you have any problems when calibrate your battery, leave a comment and we will try to help.

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