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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Discover How to Transfer Messages from Android to your New iPhone

Many know the differences and similarities that separate Android and iOS. The two operating systems with more spread around the world compete for many things, especially your decision when decantarte by one or the other.

Messages are one of the important parts of our mobile, here we have taught how to respond to messages from the lock screen or how to send invisible messages. If you have gone from having a mobile with Android to iPhone, here we will see how to spend your valuable messages from one device to another.

Wondershare MobileTrans

Through this program we can transfer in an extremely simple manner, not only messages but also other files from a mobile phone to our iPhone. Only we have to download this software, Windows and Mac -available for connecting devices to your computer and select all the files you want to transfer. Once you press the button to transfer only wait

Backuptrans iPhone Android SMS Tranfer +

This program is specific to transfer messages to our new iPhone. The advantage of this program is able to select the exact messages that you want to be transferred and which are not.

Phone Transfer Transphone

If any of the other programs does not convince us, this, also for Mac and Windows- allows us to transfer files, such as messages with a single click thanks to its great interface. We also transfer files between your iPhone and our iPad. It is one of the most simple and intuitive market programs, and of course from the list.

WhatsApp Transfer

This software tool allows us to do the same as the others mentioned above. We can easily transfer a lot of files to our new iPhone, but also will also allow us to transfer messages WhatsApp, which is very useful as it is the most used messaging application.


As we have seen, all these programs work in a relatively simple way. We'll just have to connect both devices to the computer you have and select the features you want to start transferring messages and files.

Still, it is important to note that we should always have a backup of our messages, or your most important files, made in our mobile, either iPhone or not. This way we always find it easier to get files from one device to the next.

Do you have proved useful these programs? What did you like most?

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