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Monday, 31 October 2016

Download Sonic CD for iOS

We are in the long and tedious countdown to a new installment of Sonic the legendary blue hedgehog Sega Sonic Mania, however we bring great news for the wait becomes more pleasant: for a limited time can download for free for our iPhone or iPad the classic game Sonic CD from the App Store. Of course, the less good part is that this free version includes advertising that we will have to endure unless desembolsemos one euro and ninety-nine cents.

Sonic adaptation for iOS operating system has led to a transformation of the display format to 16: 9, but not only that, we can also enjoy the original soundtrack and new achievements and missions.

The storyline is centered on the Sonic trip to Never Lake for the annual appearance of the mysterious world of Little planet, at the confluence of past, present and future through the Time Stones that lie hidden inside the planet. However, to reach Lake Sonic you Never discover that Little Planet has been captured by the villain Dr. Eggman, who wants to get the Time Stones from inside at all costs in order to control time.

The Sonic saga was a milestone in platform games when it was released back in 1993, for its flexible and intuitive gameplay, revolutionary argument and reproduce three - dimensional race in a time that the catalog of existing games were completely two - dimensional.

Lovers of classic games are experiencing a golden age after the announcement of Super Mario Run exclusively for iOS and now this free download -although it is not known for how long - Sonic CD, allowing us to relive the gameplay and adventures of yesteryear in our new devices.

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