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Monday, 17 October 2016

Dwelp, Solve difficult puzzles on your iPhone and iPad

If you are one of those people who like to wring the head with games and puzzles you can not help but try Dwelp. This puzzle game for iPhone and iPad will make you think and have a good time solving them.

Dwelp offers the user a handful of hours solving puzzles with a very simple and minimalist design. The game features a new gameplay where you have to link all points of the same color by placing them next to each other, but it is not as easy as it seems.

Here we have more details on Dwelp, this game so amazing for iPhone and iPad that something could happen unnoticed in the App Store, but it's worth giving a try. Here we go!

Main features of Dwelp for iOS devices

As I have already told in Dwelp the main goal is to complete each puzzle linking all points of the same color by placing them next to each other. But there is a problem, is that once you've connected two points, the others of the same color are locked in place.

Dwelp has a total of 120 puzzles, a figure that some may seem small to them, but nevertheless will give you hours and hours of fun. In addition, each puzzle has more than one solution, you need to get find the fewest number of moves to resolve?

The first puzzles are simple, but as you go forward in Dwelp, the difficulty is increased to almost the impossible. Finally, I must say that Dwelp is a game that has been developed specifically for iOS devices, has a very simple design and is integrated with Game Center.

Dwelp download on your iPhone or iPad

Not wait any longer and download Dwelp on your iPhone or iPad from the App Store or by clicking on the link just below these lines there. It costs € 1.99, and although English is very easy to understand and play from the first minute.

Do you like this kind of puzzle games and puzzles? Already you know Dwelp? What is your favorite game of this subject?

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