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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Emptying the cache of the Mac App Store

Maybe some other time that the Mac App Store downloads erroneous report states or even deliver a malformed file, leading to not start an application. These situations are almost always the result of an interrupted or corrupted download. Therefore, then we show you how to how to remove caches temporary download the Mac App Store to try to solve this problem.

This type of unusual errors can be solved manually empty the cache of the Mac App Store and then re-download the application from the Mac App Store.

Accessing caches temporary download from the Mac App Store

Just in case, make sure you have a backup of your Mac before starting this process.
Exit the Mac App Store
Open the terminal, located in / Applications / Utilities / and type the following command: $ TMPDIR open ../ C / com.apple.appstore /

Press the Return key and com.apple.applestore folder will open in Mac OS Finder
Move the contents of this folder on the Mac desktop, or if you know what you do, move directly to the trash

  • The important thing is not to eliminate or adjust any files outside this directory. At the end closes the folder com.apple.applestore
  • Relaunches the Mac App Store

Now you can download or re-download applications or installation files Mac OS again, and it should work as expected.

This trick troubleshooting not solve the problems of user-level cache with the App Store, behavior not typically associated pages load, or the App Store works very slowly.

What do you think of this tutorial ?, do not resolve your problems installing applications from the Mac App Store?

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