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Monday, 24 October 2016

Export iPhone contacts to an Excel manually

The iPhone stores all your contacts directly on the device, but if you want to sync with your iCloud account to also have them in the cloud. However, you may want to have a backup at hand to make sure you do not lose them.

There are several ways to have a backup of your iPhone contacts. One of the safest options is to have a physical calendar and contacts write by hand, know this so that there will be no technological problem that causes the miss.

But most users prefer to have a copy of your contacts in digital format. You can create a text document, store them in your Gmail account ... but usually is usually done in an Excel document and today we explain how.

Make a backup of your iPhone contacts

Do not panic because to create an Excel spreadsheet with all your contacts do not have to write them one by one. There are two ways to export them from iCloud to Excel in just a few minutes, but we must follow a series of pre - steps that are exported in .vcfformat by default.

At first glance it may seem a little confusing, but nothing is further from reality. Read on and see how it will not take more than a few minutes to have all your contacts ready and arranged in an Excel spreadsheet.

Export iPhone contacts to an Excel manually

From a computer logs on iCloud.com and then click Contacts. Here you will have to click the Settings icon, click on "Select all" and finally "Export vCard".

At this point you will have downloaded a .vcf file with all your contacts and convert it to Excel just have to open it as a spreadsheet. To do this you must enter this site , click on "Choose File" and select the file you just downloaded to your contacts.

The configuration must put on the web for the file to be converted properly is as follows:

The next step is to convert the CSV file to XLS. Elo the CSV file to be opened in Excel and click on Data - Text to Columns - Delimited - Eat. Ready! Now yes you'll have your Excel spreadsheet with all your contacts.

Export contacts iPhone using an application

If you do not want to "complicate" life both exporting contacts manually do not worry, because there is no alternative to it automatically through an application. To do this you need to download the app SA Contacts Lite on your iPhone, which you can get completely free on the App Store.

When you first open this application will have to give permission to access your contacts, otherwise little will do. Then click Start and have the option to send the Excel copy all your contacts to your email or if you prefer send it to a storage system in the cloud as Dropbox.

As you can see, this second method is much easier and faster and will not take no time. In addition, you do not need to have a computer handy to back up your contacts in Excel. What more could you ask for?

Did you know that you could make a backup of your iPhone contacts in Excel in a simple way? How do you usually do it regularly? Tell us in the comments!

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