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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Facebook Launches Online Store on your iOS App

Facebook never ceases to amaze with his moves, this time it has done in its iOS app. The social network has always been a good place to sell your products, but your followers and friends was limited. Of course, Facebook could not outrun enter another blatantly market and this has been the result.

Blue social network has created an online store where you can sell your products to the general public of Facebook, that at all soon.

Facebook Shop steals the site Messenger

Facebook is the place where people connect, in recent years people have used Facebook for something else. Buy and sell to each other This activity began in Facebook groups and has grown uncontrollably.

More than 450 million people visit groups buying and selling of products each month from families in the neighborhood to vendors around the world.

To help people has expand those connections, Facebook has decided to introduce "Marketplace", a place to discover, buy and sell items with people around you (and those around them as well).

Facebook is NOT Amazon

Not everything is so nice how Facebook sells us, because if you decide to buy or sell something, you simply need to send a direct message from Marketplace to tell the seller that you are interested. From this point of contact, you can specify the details as decidáis telephone, or mail messages.

But there is always a but Facebook does not intervene in transactions or shipment of products, Facebook is not Amazon. It has preferred to capture the business process or Wallapop Vibbo.

How to sell products

  1. To sell products simply you have to:
  2. Take a picture of the object or add it from the gallery.
  3. Enter the product name, description and price.
  4. Confirm your location and select a category.
  5. Post it.

Gradually Facebook will introduce this functionality country by country, can only hope to come to Spain to see how it works.

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