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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Find out if your modem iPhone 7 will suffer ModemGate

As is tradition in Apple, each release usually involves a manufacturing defect or bug shift that makes all its users cross your fingers not to be the lucky ones to suffer it . After #Chipgate we live with the iPhone 6 - which later proved not so, since all models of iPhone 6 have the same performance - hand iPhone 7 come the #Speedgate of the 32 GB and #Modemgate originated by Intel modems.

During manufacture of the iPhone 7 with a resounding sales success to date, Apple modems used two different suppliers: Qualcomm LTE modems and modems Intel . The problem has come when evaluating performance of the two models have been found to the first one, ie the Qualcomm LTE, it is faster and also more compatible with a larger number of networks that provided by Intel.

What does my iPhone modem 7: Qualcomm LTE or Intel?

Upon discovering the news, probably your first question has been that. To find out for sure we have to look at the back of our iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, where we find what model it is. Another equally simple option is to use the box it came, as in the case of black models the task is more complicated.

  • Intel modem: A1778 and A1784 models.
  • Qualcomm modem: 1660 and 1661 models.

What if I have an iPhone 7 with an Intel modem?

In fact, except vended models in China, Japan and the United States - with the exception of AT & T and T-Mobile - it is quite likely that the modem of your iPhone 7 come from Intel.

If you're one of the winners, do not panic. As in Spain just have speed 4G / LTE, so we can not enjoy high - speed data transmission except in a few places, the #Modemgate will not affect you too. Of course, it remains to be seen how it affects other frequencies.

You know and what model iPhone 7 have? Have you noticed a network speed slower than expected?

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