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Monday, 24 October 2016

Find your iPhone even without battery with Find My iPhone

What most dramatic moment it is the moment when you put your hand in your purse or pocket and discover that your iPhone is not where you expected. You are looking and looking and do not get to find him. Is she in the bathroom? Am I must have left it in the car? And the most feared of all: they have robbed Me? As you know, Apple offers a service called Find My iPhone or Find My iPhone, which long ago drew up one complete guide to configure and track an iPhone or iPad . But what happens if you do not realize their error and your device runs out of battery?

Find My iPhone is a powerful tool not just about finding your iPad, Mac or iPhone, but well set achieves that our device is safer and also with the passage of time - and IOS - has been increasing its features, including allowing traceability even with the dead battery.

Whether the battery is exhausted as if someone has turned off the terminal, we can find it through an option called Send last location.

What do I need to use Send last location?

Like most of the features of iOS 10 Find My iPhone uses iCloud to store and synchronize data, so logically you will require an account iCloud to activate the service, which is very likely you've already created to purchase your iPhone, iPad or Mac. to check this , simply go to Settings> iCloud and make sure your email is grayed right at the bottom.

Also, for Send my last work location you will require that location services are active, otherwise tracking can not occur. Go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services > System Services check that Find My iPhone is enabled.

How I can activate Send last location?

Then in Settings> iCloud> Find My iPhone, simply slide to activate Send last location

Basically the purpose of the function is to send the data on its location just prior to running out of battery while, so if your iPhone is under the sofa, you can breathe easy and get it back. Or check that for your misfortune, it has been stolen, so you have to take other measures such as delete, lock and certainly denounce.

Finally, to track your location on a map, just have to log on with our Apple ID or access the Find My iPhone from another device.

Have you tried Find My iPhone ever? Did you been useful for locating your lost iPhone?

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