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Friday, 21 October 2016

First comes the App for Apple and IBM Education

Two years ago must go back to remember the alliance between Apple and IBM . Both companies signed an agreement in 2014 in order to improve and strengthen its presence in the corporate and educational sectors, and is precisely the latter which have given a new He passed.

"MobileFirst for iOS" is a program developed by Apple and IBM that is growing steadily and today have already released more than 30 applications for the business world . And now finally they have taken the first big step in the educational field with the launch of its first application for this sector.

Both Apple and IBM want to have a greater presence in the world of education and have just launched their first joint application. It is "IBM Watson Element", which you now have more details for you to know what it is.

"IBM Watson Element", the first app for Apple and IBM education

This new application born of the union between Apple and IBM is aimed at teachers and is part of "MobileFirst for iOS" that program we've discussed earlier, although little or nothing to do with the business world. "IBM Watson Element" it is designed especially for iPad and thanks to her teachers can quickly access a wealth of information about their students.

In the application will not only be personal data, but will go a step further. In this way, the teacher can access data about their academic progress, achievements, behavior, test scores, interests, etc.

Through "IBM Watson Element", IBM and Apple want to help teachers better understand the skills and interests of each of its students, in order to transform learning in a personalized and unique experience for everyone. The application provides teachers a comprehensive view of each student through an easy interface that provides a fun and intuitive experience, going a step further in their work.

Teachers can learn more about each of their students, obtaining information beyond their academic performance. Among other things, they may also include important notes and notes on each of them, for example if there is a game highly anticipated by a student if there is an event or festival in the city that particularly catches their attention ...

Apple seeks to consolidate its presence in the education sector

The interest of the US company for the education sector is not new, and is not the first step they take to consolidate within it. Last August it was announced that through its participation in the Connected program already connected more than 32,000 US students to the network.

Apple Mac and iPad has provided computers to 114 centers spread throughout the United States located in areas with economic shortcomings. On the other hand, the company has launched the "Teachers Tuesdays" program to provide free assistance to teachers.

Finally, do not forget to Classroom, the application launched by Apple last March and connecting students and teachers. Through it you can manage homework, organize the classroom or deliver educational material to support two classes, among other things.

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