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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Follow these 5 tips or iPhone be the next victim

Currently, store personal information on mobile devices is a very common practice because it offers comfort. For many users, the iPhone is a very valuable tool serves both labor and personal issues. Whatever our use of the smartphone, the truth is that more and more private information store on it.

But it is also true that the theft of personal data is a reality that extends, and that is why the safety of our devices is particularly important if our privacy is not stolen or kidnapped. Let's review some steps that will help protect you.

Five tips to keep your iPhone protected your privacy

1. Activate protection 'Touch ID and code'

If you have not already done so, this measure can save your information if your iPhone falls into the wrong hands. The fingerprint lock is a system that increases the likelihood that the data is kept veiled if not detected the owner. It is very simple to activate this protection, just you head to "Settings> Touch ID and code."

Upon entering you will ask your password, once introduced you will see options to enable Touch ID to unlock the device and downloads on iTunes and App Store. You can also add new tracks to avoid having to always use the same finger, and adjust various parameters related.

2. Beware of public Wi-Fi networks

Public connections can be used if the data rate has reached the top. But we must be cautious and never share sensitive information - such as passwords - to have the iPhone connected to a Wi-Fi public network. Such networks are usually not protected and connected devices are susceptible to attacks.

3. Use 'Find my iPhone'

Activating this tool with the application that Apple puts at our disposal, we will have the possibility of a tracking if lost or stolen iPhone. 'Find My iPhone' can be very useful and only requires data from the iCloud account.

4. Apps can also be protected

If you have a habit of storing important documents in Google Drive or files that contain your data access to any service, for example, you have the option to keep protected application. So remember that you can set when opening Drive prompted for a password or fingerprint. It is an option offered by some applications.

5. Do not put it so easy

Choosing a poor password, it means that easily remember but which may also be divined without difficulty. If you have your iPhone protected with only a four - digit code or even use fingerprints settings with Touch ID, your private information will be easily accessible.

For example, do not use a code like "1, 2, 3, 4" because although you will not forget, is the first that someone will try to unlock your iPhone. So make use of creativity and ingenuity, put a code that only has a meaning for you and meaningless to the rest of the world.

As you see, these are five very simple steps to carry out, pose no effort. But change can mean the difference between losing the iPhone or losing your private information also. Do you have any other suggestions?

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