Google Allo Joins List FORGOTTEN: Google Chrome Google OS, Google Duo, Google Plus ... -


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Monday, 10 October 2016

Google Allo Joins List FORGOTTEN: Google Chrome Google OS, Google Duo, Google Plus ...

Allo Google already has a good time with us , however, trends have still not been fazed too. It is true that Google Allo downloads have exceeded the expectations of many in a short time, but how many of our contacts actually use it?

Unfortunately Google Allo seems to have joined the list of the forgotten, those applications for more fanfare to be given, they never take flight.

Too strong competition

Google Allo competition already has a well established on the world market time. Beginning and ending with iMessage WhatsApp, Google Allo will have to battle hard to get space in a decent position in our application store.

The application has many attractions, among which we can count some - say-for the inclusion of stickers, sending GIF and we consider the most important: the virtual intelligence Google, Google Assistant. The latter will help us to perform many tasks such as locating a specific site or place reminders.

But is this enough for users to abandon other instant messaging applications right? From here we would not. Google will have to work harder if you want to gain a foothold in our application drawer.

inopportune release

Just in the month in which Google Allo was released, iMessage just received an update that changed almost completely, so that the application of Google raised little attention in the community of iOS.

WhatsApp and Messenger already carry a dominating the market of instant messaging time, and that's hardly something Google can overcome. People do not want to install three applications to do with it something they could do with one, and elected to settle often be the most used our friends.

alarming figures

In the United States the rate of adoption of a third party application is very low. WhatsApp closed 2014 with adoption of just 8%, one of the major messaging applications on the market today.

Google carries a trying to get into the field of instant messaging applications such as time Hangouts or Google Messenger, however, people seem to totally ignore the existence of these.

The new application of the big "G" does not seem to be having an adoption too high. Most of the people who downloaded the finished eliminating their devices to their great day for lack of users.

For now, Google Allo seems to have started too well. Time passes, downloads stagnate and people are gradually forgetting to use it and leave it aside to use the best known alternatives such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger .

However, it is still a little early to declare the failure of Google Allo. Only time will tell whether the application will succeed or simply remain as one more.

If you want to give it a try, here we leave the download link from the App Store.

Do you use Google regularly Allo? Leave your answer in the comments!

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