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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

[HACK] Modern Combat 5: Blackout v2.1.0

Modern Combat 5: Blackout
By Gameloft

Updated: Aug 16, 2016
Version: 2.0.1
Size: 906 MB

This is a UNIVERSAL APP so this HACK works for both iPhone and iPad.


  1. - Internet Connection (To Download Hacked File)
  2. - Jailbroken Device (JB)
  3. - File Manager (iFile,iFunbox,iTools,etc.)

- Max Movement Speed
- Max Movement Speed Heavy
- 0 Energy Cost
- Snap On Aim
- Better Aim
- AI No Shoot
- Knife Hack
- Regular Aimbot - Radar Always On - All Loadouts Unlocked - Extra Ammo - Walk Through Walls - Crosshair When Aimed Down Sights - Always Slide - AutoShoot Enemies (working online) - Instant Reload (2,000,000,000x normal speed) - Choose FOV


  1. -Ensure you have jailbroken device
  2. -Close "MC5" via AppSwitcher (Press Homebutton twice and swipe MC5 up)
  3. -Download hack to your iDevice
  4. -Go into IFile and find downloaded deb file
  5. -Tap on it and hit install (just click on the .deb and then installation)
  6. -Launch the game
  7. -Enjoy it!


What's New in Version 2.1.0
What’s new
• NEW GAME MODE – Rush – The most strategically game mode so far. Similar to other shooter games RUSH is a best of 5 rounds, objective based game mode. Players will only spawn at the start of a round, and have 15 sec to purchase power-ups before the round starts. Once the round starts an objective will be visible on the minimap & game world for both teams, the team that holds the objective at the end of the round will win or, alternatively you can win by eliminating all the enemy team.
• VULCAN ARMOR – This new sapper armor is sure to make the difference on the battlefield, be sure to check out its background story and find out just how much value this armor gives 
• SHIBING ARMOR – In preparation for one of the most iconic eastern celebrations – the Mid-Autumn Festival we are proud to announce this traditional Chinese themed armor that increases your melee range and reduces all durations provides extra protection when being shot in the back.
• Squad battles - due to popular demand, we reduced the minimum numbers of players needed for squad battles from 4 to 3
• TIER 7 TURRET for the Sapper is finally here. A static shotgun turret that can be placed on the floor or ceiling guaranteeing carnage and mayhem
• WEAPON RENTAL SYSTEM – You can now use your Diamond Dust for trying out the weapons that you did not buy yet. The weapon will be fully upgraded, and the base attachments will be unlocked.
• CONTROL TUNING ADJUSTED – due to popular demand strafe and run speed values are closer to the ones from update 9 and below
See you on the field of Battle!
Matchmaking system fixes and improvements

For a complete list of changes, see our Modern Combat 5 Facebook page.
- Multiple fixes to turret rotations and firing issues
- Added XP reward when destroying a turret
- Fixed HUD effect for class trait
- Increased turret visibility
- Increased minimum number of players needed to start a Squad Battle to 4
- Squad Leader highlighted in the squad menu
- Added "Request to join" Squads
- Added FFA spectator support
- Custom pause menu added for FFA spectators' user controls
- Tuned strafe max movement speed

- Reduced the number of characters required to report a player

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