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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Hover Camera, camera flying selfies

We are in a time when you have to keep digging and discovering new tools that are able to make our life easier. Today we can see people showing off their skills piloting drones. For now, someday, we will have the chance to see people simply using drones to take photos. Drones can be used for many things, both for fun and for work risk to humans. Today they are very expensive and some expertise is needed to fly them without crashing them at the first opportunity. But to improve the performance of selfies, we have discovered Hover Camera. Apparently it gives us the feeling that it is a drone, but it is not. It is a floating camera.

Hover Camera has been created by the Chinese company Zero Zero Robotics. Its function in principle is the same as that of the drones. It is enabled with four fans that drive and keep it up to your head to and take photos and videos.

Although we believe that at first glance is a drone, we can not go wrong because it is not designed to be able to send him away and make stunning visual shots. It is to make photos, a selfie drone.


One of the things that attracts our attention is its design and size. Its structure is made of carbon fiber to be resistant to falls or blows. Another point that makes it very interesting is its opening system, it is as if it were a book.

The Hover Camera with its folding design, weighs only 238 grams.

Its operation is simple, it opens, the button is pressed and released in the air. Automatically begin to float near you. The idea is to have the least possible interaction have. That is, you do not have to configure anything. It so simple that light it and throw it into the air can take photos and videos.

It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, which is responsible for facial recognition and follow people as they move. All this we can control from your mobile. it does not have very clear what their final price, but is expected to be around 500 euros.
Your camera has 13 megapixels, which is able to take photos keeping the main person in the middle thanks to facial recognition. It is also capable of recording video in 4K and panoramic automatically.


The Hover Camera will be accompanied by an application to download photos. This application will also enable us to use as a remote trigger.

The company claims that stays in the air stably. Detail to keep in mind, especially for open sites and also have some wind.

The creator of Hover Camera, has invested 25 million dollars in funding to grow and improve the product.

As we agree, it is that we no longer reach out with our selfie stick out so much that sometimes in the photo. So selfie drones, I think they are a much more appealing option.
It is still early to know if they end up having the same success as the happy sticks. But seeing the popularity of drones, everything should be noted that if.

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