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Thursday, 20 October 2016

How handwrite Messages iPhone and iPad with iOS 10

IOS 10 has been without doubt one of the most notable updates from Apple for our iPhone and iPad. One of the native apps more has been renovated iMessages or messages : a function to add stickers , messages with invisible ink , Digital Touch and background effects , should add the option to write freehand. In this post we explain how to use it.

Although other features are more easily visible in the app, the option of handwriting is a little more hidden. This interesting feature is available in both iMessage and Notes, allowing a simple and intuitive way to perform sketch and take notes with a finger and can send them with a single click.

Obviously you need to have your iPad or iPhone updated with iOS version at least 10, which is the one that contains numerous effects these messages.

Access and use the option to handwrite Messages

1) Open Messages app and go to the message you want to write, or open a new message.

2) Go to the snack where you write the text and press up.

3) Rotate the iPhone screen so that it is horizontal, remember that this will have to take off the lock option rotation control center.

4) Now you can hand write with your finger or outline what you want. At the bottom of the screen you have preset as "hello", "Sorry" ... to save you time in your conversations messages 😉

5) When you're done, click OK and as always, give send.

What if my handwriting option does not appear when rotating the iPhone screen?

Then you need to leave the iPhone upright and when the on - screen keyboard appears, press a key on the bottom left that has a kind of squiggle to activate it . By the way, if you just want to rotate the keyboard to a wider keyboard as before, by pressing the keyboard that appears in the lower left corner you can do.

If the recipient of your message by hand have an iPad, iPhone or Mac, your text will come with a nice animated effect writing. If this is not the case and the recipient of the message does not have a iOS updated even an iPhone, the text will also come as a photo or an MMS. In both cases they may store your scribbles on your reel or photo gallery.

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