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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

How Illuminate our Apple iPhone like a MacBook

As we all know, one of the most representative is the apple MacBook features illuminated that adorns but Apple has not wanted to implement this iconic and eye - catching design to the iPhone and iPad. However, the iPhone 6 has a design that allows to get the apple lights , of course, making certain modifications to the phone.

This will require buy a kit which will illuminate the apple of our iPhone, this kit can buy on this website and costs $ 32.99 (about 30 euros), excluding the cost of shipping.

How to light our apple iPhone

Before you begin, it is important to clarify that this means a modification of the device and void the warranty regardless of whether or not you have hired Apple Care and we are not responsible for any damage you may cause by modifying your iPhone.

But if you still want to continue either because your iPhone warranty expired or have in mind to buy the new iPhone in July, here you will have a complete guide to the steps to achieve it without problems .

Items required for the modification

To modify and illuminate the apple of our iPhone need to have a series of tools which fortunately are included in the kit that we buy at the above web. It is important to select our iPhone model since a small difference in size could cause it is not possible assembly kit.

In the kit contents we find:

  • Led Apple logo.
  • Tweezers.
  • Two spudgers.
  • Pentalobe screwdrivers.
  • Two pry tools.
  • A suction cup.
  • Tape with foam bumpers.

Steps to make the change in our iPhone

1) First we place our iPhone on a table or desk, have on hand our kit and a microfiber cloth to protect the screen.

2) With the iPhone off, we unscrew the two screws located on the inside of our iPhone, then we must use the suction cup and the lever to separate the screen from the bottom of the iPhone.

3) Now we disconnect the iPhone battery and remove the glue that holds it . This can be done by pulling the tab is under the battery.

4) To remove the battery must pry, but very carefully to avoid damaging it so you can remove it without problems.

5) We must make sure to remove all remaining glue, now we can see the back of the block which of course is reinforced with two strips of black tape that must be removed. For this, we must carefully pry at one end of the back of the block.

6) Now we must put the logo of LED in the housing, it is a very precise piece and might at first seem that does not fit but there is no need to worry, carefully fit perfectly.

7) We must align the tape connecting the connector on the screen, we must also place the sponge and duct tape over the connection to ensure good contact.

8) Now we must replace the battery in place and connect it again, and we must place the plate screw into place. In order to test whether the logo lights must put everything back carefully aligning the bottom of the screen.

9) If the apple turns then everything is ready. We ended up replacing the Pentalobe screws in place and we will have our illuminated apple iPhone.

As you can see, it's really easy to illuminate the apple of our iPhone like a MacBook, we just need to buy the kit and spend about an hour to make the change for ourselves. If you have any questions here we leave an explanatory video so you do not miss in the process.

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