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Monday, 3 October 2016

How search from Safari tabs in iOS 10

If you are using much the web browser on your mobile device and have many tabs open, now in iOS Safari 10 has the ability to search through the tabs, using a keyword.

This feature works by matching the tabs in Safari for the search term entered. This function does not search matches on its own website (only does the title of the web pages or URL), however, can use the "Find in Page" in Safari to search page level.

Finding the tabs of Safari on iPhone and iPad concordances

  •     Open Safari on iOS as usual and then press the button tabs. Tab button looks like two overlapping squares.
  •     On an iPhone, you must turn it so it is in landscape mode. The rotation is not required on the iPad.
  •     Click on the box "Search" located in the upper left corner and then enter a search term to reduce the number of tabs in Safari. 

The tabs for the search term is immediately displayed in the view of the tab of Safari.

In the example screenshot, several tabs of Safari are open, but doing a search for the name of a known page in English dedicated to Apple, reduces the number of them and just let the visible tabs matching the term search.

If you have any difficulties with this feature, remember that the iPhone (or iPod touch) must girarce sideways in landscape mode for the function to work on such devices, while the iPad is not necessary to turn

This is useful for users who have browser with many tabs open at once, but is useful even if you just open tabs for a website specific.

Currently the search capability tabbed limited to IOS 10.0 or later, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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