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Monday, 24 October 2016

How to Change Your Apple Watch Monogram

In case you do not know, or just you have not noticed, in the field of color of your Apple Watch have a personal monogram, which is located in the center of the screen with your initials.

But this does not mean that you can only configure this option with your initials, as you can get to put four characters to your liking or use the apple logo Apple.

In CP, we show you how to configure your monogram Apple Watch to leave more customized to your liking. Here we go!

How to change the monogram of your Apple Watch

  1. Open the application from your iPhone Apple Watch.
  2. Click my watch.
  3. Within this section, look for and click on clock.
  4. Will appear the option to monogram. Click on it.
  5. Inside, you keyboard to write the new monogram that you want in your sphere will appear.
  6. Once you have entered the new monogram pressed back, located in the right corner of the keyboard.
  7. With all these steps done, your new monogram is already in your sphere of color.

Inserting the Apple logo and monogram

  1. From your iPhone, do the above steps you should again, until you get the possibility to change the monogram.
  2. Now you can copy and paste the Apple symbol. If you do not know how, in this guide we will explain you step by step.
  3. Once you have entered the command, press return.
  4. Now change device and go to your Apple Watch.
  5. From your clock changes the sphere. You must change the color, if the are no longer using.
  6. And in the field, you must change the aggregate of the sphere monogram.
  7. There already have the famous bitten apple as a monogram of your Apple Watch, giving your device a very personal style.

Undoubtedly, the colored area outpaces the others with this little detail that will make your Apple Watch a more personalized device.

Have you changed your monogram Apple Watch? What area do you use?

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