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Sunday, 23 October 2016

How to check the configuration status of iOS with Siri

With Siri, you can do many things, and one of them stands out for its ease that gives the user know the status of your device settings. For example, "Hey Siri" you will know specifically whether a particular function on your device is disabled, either the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the "do not disturb", etc; so you will not be fumbling qie all the time in the Settings application.

For this to work, it must make the right question Siri, expresádola in the following format:

  • Is the Wi-Fi enabled?
  • Is the Bluetooth enabled?
  • You are activated VoiceOver?
  • Is AirDrop enabled?
  • Is not disturb activated?

Checking the status of device configuration with Siri on iOS

If the setting is enabled or disabled, Siri will report the status of the configuration and also show a switch to change the setting if you wish. Note that you can also ask Siri to change the settings for you, if you wish.

There are many settings that you can find, but when you want to find out about specific adjustments, the intelligent voice assistant drift you to the web to get an answer, rather than address the issue directly. This inconsistency can be a bit annoying, but if you want more room for maneuver, remember that you can open the panel specific configuration for each function in iOS with Siri, who works for almost any setting on the iPhone or iPad, even if Siri it is not able to directly report the status of the switch.

So, next time you're wondering if a setting is enabled or disabled on a particular iPhone or iPad, just ask Siri touch and if that does not work, ask Siri to open the configuration you require.

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