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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

How to check the status of signature files for iOS IPSW

We constantly used IPSW files, but we are not aware if Apple has given its approval. Unfortunately, when we want to update an IPSW to run on a specific version of IOS, we encounter the problem that there is no compatibility.

And this is because the company is responsible for inscruptar a firm that will serve to identify which versions of iOS that will accept the file without any problems are.

It is important to identify whether the IPSW files have been blessed by the signing of Apple, because otherwise we can not use it on a device, so if you want to know how to check, just follow the steps below.:

How comprobrar if the IPSW file was not signed or Apple

The use of IPSW files is for advanced users only act, since very few users who know them, and even how to use them from their devices. For this and other reasons that if you do not have knowledge about the use of IPSW files, it is better not follow these steps.:

  1.     With your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple TV, proceed to verify the product identifier, so that you. Can verify its existence on the list.
  2.     Then, visit the web site unofficial API TSS and proceed to locate the device ID to perform the signature status check IPSW.
  3.     Then you must locate the build number, ie, the code that will help release version of iOS that, in turn, match the state of the voucher. So, if the state says "yes" means you. You can use the IPSW file, but if she says "no", it means that the file has not been signed by Apple and therefore can not use it any device.
  4.     Finally, if the IPSW file has the proof, ie, which has the signature of Apple, you'll find a link to download the firmware, which will be updated as the iOS version is available. 

So simple it is to check whether the IPSW files are signed or not by Apple and although some consider that it is not necessary to know much information, the truth is that if the file you are receiving is signed by the company, there will be no incompatibility problems .

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