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Thursday, 20 October 2016

How to Choose What iMessage Photos are stored on the spool and which are not

Messages application of IOS 10 has introduced major changes at the level of functionality, although not as much at the level of customization. But surely, iMessage has become one of the best new features of iOS 10.

The user interface section of photographs and videos of iMessage features a new design. Now the elements are better organized and allow users to send photos and videos in a more comfortable and effective.

But also, if you take a picture from the mini-widget camera in iMessage is not automatically saved to your photo albums in IOS 10. In this tutorial we explain how to manage and control which photos are saved and which are not in messages.

What is not saved?

Open a conversation in the Messages application of IOS 10 then presses on the camera icon located above the keyboard. A mini-widget iOS camera through which you can take pictures appears.

If you take a picture with this mini-widget, the image is sent in the conversation. These images are not saved or be synchronized with other devices via iCloud.

However, if you keep your finger pressed on the photograph (in the chat) and you press the "Save" option will be stored on your roll of film.

What is saved?

When you open a conversation iMessage and press the button on the camera, next to the mini-widget that we talked about previously two buttons appear: Camera and Photo Library.

While the icon Fototeca (who has thought to call it?) Allows you to select photos from your reel, if you click on the camera icon you can take a photo, this time, are automatically saved to your photo albums Photos.

10 iOS Apple has changed and transformed iMessage, although there are still many things to improve. For example, would not it be great to choose a color for chat conversations transmitter and receiver?

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