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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

How to create your own memories in iOS10 Photos

The Photos app for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV has recently introduced a new feature called Memories. This function scans your photos to detect events, travel, people and more.

Memories of the iOS Photos section 10 for iPhone and iPad automatically creates photo slide shows and videos to collages and slideshows mode.

In this tutorial, we will explain how to use iOS Photo Memories 10 from your iPhone and from your iPad to create your own animated slideshows and customize with your photos, videos and favorite songs.

What are the memories of the iOS10 Photos app?

As mentioned previously, Memories focus on the pictures and videos you have not seen for some time. But besides help you remember your moments of the past, the new paragraph Memories of iOS 10 offers you a new experience when browsing and / or explore your photos and videos.

Instead of making copies of your photos and videos, Memories create special albums you can view, share and edit.

What do the Memories?

Memories are collections of photos and videos that focus on:

  • Locations: favorite places, frequented areas ...
  • Special events: birthday, holiday travel ...
  • Scenes: mountain, country, beach ...
  • People: family, friends, animals ...
  • Dates: specific days, monthly collections of photos ...

How to create your own memories in iOS10 Photos

1. Open the Photos app in iOS 10.

2. Click on the header of a moment, Collection, Album or Year.

3. Navigate to the bottom and click "Add to Memories".

Once this is done, a new memory is created in the section Memories of the iOS Photos app 10. Here you can see a video with all the pictures of the moment, Collection, Year or album and a slideshow of your photos beautifully designed.

What do you think the new functionality of iOS Memories 10? It is pretty, right? Tell us what you think of this section of photos from the comments.

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