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Sunday, 23 October 2016

How to delete the default applications in iOS 10

Since the arrival of IOS 10 now can delete any default application hosted on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This means that you can now delete mail applications, music, maps, calendar, clock, videos and any other of the default applications that are included in iOS 10.

It should be noted that any default application is removed may be reinstated at any time. You will realize that the process of removing a default application is basically the same as uninstalling other applications on iOS devices.

How to delete the default applications in iOS 10

Locate the default application you want to delete from the iPhone or iPad

Press and hold the application icon to make shake and make the delete button (X) appears, tap on (X) to remove the default application.

Confirm you want to delete the application by selecting "Delete"

Repeat with the other applications you want to delete default in IOS.

Default applications removed disappear from the home screen of the device and remain inaccessible, unless reinstated again.

In the tutorial example, the application of "Music" which is incorporated by default in iOS is removed.

The ability to delete default applications is really very practical and allows you to make space to install applications that play a better role than those preset in iOS. This feature is only available in newer versions of iOS, so if your iPhone or iPad you are running an earlier version of iOS will need to upgrade to iOS 10 and try again to access the ability to remove apps by default.

Note that you can not remove some applications default iOS. Some of the applications are indelible settings, messages, telephone, Safari, clock, photos, health, App Store and camera.

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