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Saturday, 1 October 2016

How to delete messages from your Apple Watch

Delete text messages on your iPhone can be a very simple task, because of the available options presented to us iOS, but in the watchOS your Apple Watch can be a bit tedious, since we can only delete the entire conversation, and we -again- delete the already eliminated in our mobile messages.

This is not a bug or an error on the part of developers working at the company led by Tim Cook, but a decision to do manually managing delete text messages within the Apple Watch, and must remove the same message in separate devices.

Here we have what are the steps to delete messages from your watch . Let's Elminarlos!

Deleting messages from your Apple Watch

  1. We enter our watch and access the application from the main screen messages.
  2. Search the message you want to delete and slide it to the left
  3. Already slipped us message options appear Details or Delete
  4. Will press the Delete and confirm to us that we deleted the message.

These steps can be seen as an impediment and a great inconvenience to all users who are used to simplify this action to delete several messages simultaneously power; this can only be done with the notifications given day.

What to do if we want to delete a specific message within a conversation?

It does not end here because all the steps listed previously not clarify how to erase a specific message, because it is something that can not be done. Therefore the above indications serve only to remove an entire conversation. We do not have a function and where we can choose iPhone.

When you reach the option multiple choice?

Despite the launch of the brand new watchOS 3 during the last keynote , this problem has given an early and can become tedious for users. Undoubtedly, a subject where developers could emphasize in future updates.

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