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Sunday, 23 October 2016

How to Disable the 5 most annoying features of IOS 10

Each iOS update brings new features to make ours a little more functional smartphone. However, there are some that may be a bit annoying to most users, either because the device becomes almost self doing things without asking or because just do not like.

In this article we will show you how to disable these annoying features to make your life a little less stressful.

Making Touch ID in iOS works as 9

One of the biggest differences noted users with the latest update of iOS was in the way in which our terminal is unlocked by Touch ID. You may have something to do with iOS compatibility with the new iPhone capacitive button 7, but Apple has also changed the way to unlock the older devices.

Many of us like to simply put our finger on the reader Touch ID and magically unlock the terminal. Fortunately, there is a way back to this old feature. All we have to do is go to Settings> General> Accessibility> to move down and select "Start Button"> here once we activate "Put your finger to open".

Raising Disables to activate

Another annoying features that brought IOS 10 was the "Raise to activate" function. Yes, it is very useful to pick up the phone and the screen turns on automatically. However, we do not always turn your phone when you get up, sometimes just let's see what we raise our reflection or unintentionally when gesticulate.

At least Apple had the grace to include a way to turn off this option in IOS 10. Just go to Settings> Display & Brightness> down and deselect the "Raise to activate" feature.

Remove button keyboard Dictation

Just in case no one has noticed, icon writing voice is back in iOS 10 and to have it on or not on iOS . 9 Fortunately, you can disable this option from the settings at any time.

We just have to navigate to Settings> General> Keyboard> here we deactivate the switch next to Dictation.

Turn off the autocomplete in Safari

You can fill out forms quickly with a new feature included in Safari on iOS version 10. The browser uses your saved, mail contacts, and search history to populate the fields. It can be quite useful, but it is understandable if others find it annoying.

Anyway, you can disable this option by navigating to Settings> Safari> AutoFill> in this window turn out the option of using contact information, names and passwords and / or credit cards.

Clean the output cache Spotlight

For some reason, the Spotlight Search iOS 10 automatically saves the keywords of your searches and results, perhaps assuming you could come back later to find the same thing again. Either way, it can be a bit annoying and embarrassing to see your recent searches whenever you want to investigate something in your device.

You can disable this option and clear the search history by going to Settings> General> Siri Tips deactivate here.

You may disabling these options are not going to solve the problems of our lives, but at least some of the discomfort will be buried. IOS 10 brought very interesting features, but after much use can be a bit annoying so nosy they are.

What is the function that you dislike? Leave your answer in the comments!

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