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Monday, 24 October 2016

How to disable "Reply to Message" of the lock screen in iOS

 In the latest versions of iOS you can read and respond to messages directly from the lock screen, without having to authenticate with an access code or tactile identification on the device. This allows users to respond quickly incoming messages, but this feature can also lead to some privacy issues that can not be liked by everyone.

With a slight adjustment settings, you can disable the ability to respond to messages from the lock screen in iOS.

How to disable "Reply to Message" of the lock screen in iOS

  •     Open the "Settings" application on your device and see "Touch ID and code", then enter the access code as usual.
  •     Scroll down and search for "Reply with Message" section of "Allow access when locked" and move the switch to the off position. 

Exit the app settings as usual. Now the device will no longer be able to respond to a message from the lock screen without prior authentication.

If you do not like or this function will depend on your needs for security and privacy.

Some users want to go further and also hide previews iMessage screen lock iPhone or iPad, which adds an extra layer of privacy by preventing anyone can see some of the content of incoming messages.

If you decide you like this feature and want to unlock it, all you have to do is put back into the on position, the corresponding switch from the app settings.

The ability to respond quickly to messages from the lock screen unauthenticated the device is just one of the many new changes brought on iOS 10. 

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