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Thursday, 6 October 2016

How to disable the sound simulated touch trackpad click force

Every Mac equipped with a touch trackpad force emit an audible sound of 'click' in order to simulate the sound heard on a Mac without a tactile trackpad force. Well, it may seem a minor and unimportant detail, there are some users who do not like to hear that "clickeo" and it'll show you how to disable the sound on your laptop.

In this tutorial, we will talk about how to disable these false clicks that occur when you work with the trackpad on your portable for l.

It is very likely that most users do not mind the sound of false click, as this feature produces the same sound effect would a normal trackpad. Moreover, there may be some people who want to disable the simulated sound since it is not an actual click.

To deactivate the simulation click the trackpad touch force, follow these steps:

  • Open the System Preferences application on your Mac and go ak Trackpad preference pane.

After having made the previous manor house, make sure you find you mouse on the tab and then put a check mark in the box "Silence clicking"

Now that you have turned off the sound of the click, your Mac trackpad now will click much more quietly.

This configuration effectively reduces the volume of the "click" when pressed on the Force Touch trackpad, plus give you a better experience of haptic feedback.

While it is the sound of simulated click is a tiny detail, it is of vital importance when you want to make as little noise as possible when you work in front of a Mac, either in a library, workplace, or when you are in your moments leisure in your room while your partner is resting.

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