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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

How to disable VoiceOver

Many users do not know what it is "VoiceOver" on iOS, because sometimes simple activate it , but when you want to deactivate not find a way to do it.

Therefore, then we show you how to how to disable VoiceOver in if you're one of the many curious users of iOS that has enabled this feature, but do not know how to disable it.

The most common thing is to try to turn off the function, click on the icon or button when VoiceOver is used, but instead, all that is achieved is that Siri narrating everything you do on your device.

VoiceOver works when you touch something on your screen, this iOS so it read aloud what you're doing at the moment and then double-tap on the item will need to invoke its function.

The feature is designed for those who can not see well, and that is why the majority of us know not how to use it, much less how to turn it off.

How to disable VoiceOver

If you have VoiceOver enabled, you should notice a bounding box around whatever you select the device In this case, we are on the home screen, and the bounding box is in the application from the App Store.:

On the home screen it is where we will start this tutorial.Make sure you're on the home screen. Press the start button to get if necessary.
Click once in the Settings application to select it, then double tap on it to run it.

When the application settings, please tap once on the "General" section opens, then gives a double tap the section to open it:

Then click once on the accessibility section to select it and then double tap on the section to open it.

Once this is done, you need to tap the VoiceOver section to select it and then double tap on it to open it.

Once you can see the voice switch, press it once to select it and then double tap on it to turn it off.

And that's all because you turned off VoiceOver on your device.

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