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Sunday, 9 October 2016

How to download, install and use stickers and messages app on iOS10

IOS 10 brought new features and capabilities that enhance the user experience including highlights and improvements to the messages application with stickers and apps (add-ons) integration, among other things. Basically they are small images and icons that can be sent with messages. Therefore, we teach you how to download, install and use the stickers and iOS messaging app 10.

It is clear that the stickers and messaging apps are different from the effects of messages, but all are part of the upgrade of the app in iOS IM 10.

How to download, install and use stickers and messages on iOS apps 10

  • Open the messages application and go to any chat started
  • Tap the ">" button located next to the text input field iMessage

Now press the small button "(A)" which is an icon for the application section and stickers message

Then click on the button of the four points

Now you will see the panel stickers and apps in "Messages", click the "+" button on the "Store" to visit the App Store application messages.

Now, you can download or search applications or packs of stickers that add deses iMessage in iOS 10

Once you have selected an application or a pack of stickers, select the button "Get" to download and install the application or stickers

Now what remains is to return to any message or conversation thread and through the same "A" button, you can access your applications and / or stickers ready to use iMessage.

Note that you must have iOS 10 or later and the recipient must also have iOS iMessage 10 or later on your iPhone or iPad to receive the message with praise stickers or applications correctly.

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