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Friday, 21 October 2016

How to draw text and Add Emoji in photos New WhatsApp

WhatsApp is for years the most widely used application of instant messaging. But there have been very interesting competitors which do not reach the huge number of users who holds WhatsApp, it does cause the messaging giant put the batteries to deliver new features and performance enhancements. That is why for months no longer get updates with new features like the ability to draw and write on the images we will send, for that to give them a personal touch.

The photo editing and design changes in the interface are the latest developments that have landed WhatsApp. Now picture profile contacts on the left, right next to the counter of unread messages and the back button.

Thus solution to the discomfort supposed to have the profile picture next to the icon of the call is placed, because it was very easy to call when what we wanted was to open the image. So this small but big change is an improvement on experience with WhatsApp for iOS . As for editing images we will send, then I'll show how simple steps we can.

How to draw and write on photos of WhatsApp

This is an option that takes a month available for Android and iOS now comes. Now with WhatsApp in the iPhone we can add emoji, text and drawings on which our imagination ask us images before sending them .

The new edition features interface improvements over the previous version, which really was quite poor because only allowed to retouch and rotate the image with a few options. With this update, we added the text no longer appears as a message, we can now also be integrated into the image and adjust its size by the usual gestures to pinch the screen to zoom.

To add a picture we simply do it with your finger as a brush and choose the color among those available. It works like any basic image editor, so harbors no secret. Reminiscent of what Snapchat has been offering for some time.

Finally, if we add emoji to the image that we send, simply insert choosing them from the gallery just as we do in a normal message. Notably , that they are not available all that we found for messages, but they are most emoji hand and facial gestures, with their respective colors.

As you can see, these new features for editing images on WhatsApp are very easy to use, have no mystery. But you can make your photos more fun and meaningful than before. What do you think the new update of WhatsApp?

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