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Thursday, 6 October 2016

How to Find and Share Lyrics in iMessage

The new features that iOS has brought 10 have been giving us many moments of fun. Applications for the new version of Apple 's mobile operating system make the experience more satisfying and entertaining user.

Today we bring you a perfect example, and is the lyrics application iMessage , with which you can search, find and share the lyrics of your favorite songs.

How to download the application

The name of the application really is Genius: Song Lyrics + Music , but you can find it by searching simply by 'Lyrics' in the iMessage app store. If you use the full name you'll get better results if you're looking for in iTunes on your computer.

The iMessage app is a companion to the other with the same name. If you install one, the other is automatically installed. You can turn on or off the messaging application within the Manage tab you can find in the App Store iMessage.

Both access the same database to find the letters, but the iMessage app gives you the ability to do everything within the Messages application.

Letters in using iMessage

Once you have the application installed Letras, you'll find it like any other application of iMessage.

Within the app we can search for the letter, the name of the song or artist, and the application will throw us the result quickly.

After playing the right result, we will show the letter, along with an image of the artist or band.

Users have to highlight the track, and when we do, these will be superimposed on the image of the artist or band. This is a preview of what you will see the message receiver.

If you play the preview, the letter will be ready to be sent to the person you are talking, as shown in the image above. Then we touch the blue arrow to send.

This is only the beginning. If the person you're talking to have installed on your iPhone application, you can see all the lyrics of the touch in which you have sent him, and show also information about the group or artist, album and song.

This is one of the many interesting additions to the new version of iOS . Facilitates us to share our favorite letters when we are talking about music with someone, or when we need to find a phrase for the right time. If you want to download, we leave the link below.

What do you think of this feature? Leave your answer in the comments!

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