How to find the default location of the images in Mac OS desktop

The wallpaper that provides Mac by default, are wonderful, but unfortunately we can not know its location to the naked eye, and if we get the same wallpapers to apply to a computer with Linux (Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora ..) or Windows. Why, then we will teach brief tutorial to know the location of these images so you can apply them to other devices such as desktop background, or to edit them to your liking.

To be clear, we are talking about the default desktop images included with MacOS and Mac OS X and can access them through the desktop preference.

How to find the default location of the images in Mac OS desktop

  • Go anywhere in Finder and opens a new window into the file system
  • Press Command + Shift + G to open the option to "go to folder" and put the following path: / Library / Desktop Pictures
  • Press return and you will be directed to directory desktop images, where the funds are stored by default in Mac OS X

Look for the folder desktop images like any other file system directory.

It should be clarified that there is no reason to add wallpaper to this directory because the wallpapers can be changed from anywhere, but can be useful to access these files directly for their own purposes, such as resize them to fit to a specific screen or a specific device such as an iPhone.

If you want to make an adjustment, you only have to copy an image of this directory elsewhere. This not estropearías the original image, giving the possibility to restore it anytime.
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