How to get a similar effect to portrait mode without an iPhone 7 Plus

One of the big differences iPhone 7 Plus with his younger brother is the Portrait mode, which as you know, and can be used thanks to iOS output 10.1.

In this way, we can blur the background of an image to highlight the person or object to which we are doing photography, often getting high quality images.

Well, if you want to use that mode but do not count on an iPhone 7 Plus do not worry, because then I'll explain how to do so in previous devices.

Achieve a similar effect to portrait mode without an iPhone 7 Plus

To do this, we will make use of an application called "Tadaa SLR", which although not free, offers some truly amazing results.

  • Download and run Tadaa SLR.
  • Select any image reel and active "Mask and Borders".
  • Draw with your finger the elements that do not want to blur.
  • Note: When drawing the application let alone refine the edges of the image.
  • Click Next and select the type of blur you want to use, although it is best to leave everything default.
  • Finally, click apply and save the image on the roll of film.
How I said, the result is more surprising, and may even become difficult to differentiate which photograph was taken with an iPhone 7 Plus and what not.

Tadaa SLR is available for € 3.99.

Tadaa SLR (AppStore Link) Tadaa SLR 
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