How to Have Two WhatsApp on your iPhone without Jailbreak

Surely more than once you would have liked to have two numbers on the same iPhone WhatsApp, especially if you have two phone numbers for work, however the application only allows you to use one number per device. Needless to say, it is not possible to install twice the app on the iPhone and put each number, unless you have done the jailbreak.

But that was before, because there is a very easy way to get this application previously available only for devices with Jailbreak, without being developer or have the Jailbreak on iPhone. So if you want to have two WhatsApp on your iPhone you are welcome to keep reading, because then you count the steps you need to follow to get it. Let's go there!

Steps you must follow to have two accounts WhatsApp on your iPhone

To have two WhatsApp on iPhone without Jailbreak must be installed on your computer (Mac, Windows or Linux) Cydia Impactor, available at this link . On the other hand, you'll need the app WhatsApp ++ you can download here , with the second mobile phone number you will use in WhatsApp and an Apple account ( you do not need to be developer).

The first thing you have to do is connect your iPhone to your computer via USB and run Cydia Impactor. The program iPhone will appear and all you have to do is drag the .ipa file WhatsApp ++ you've previously downloaded in the window Cydia Impactor for transfer starts.

At this point you will be prompted to enter your Apple user with corresponding password. After a few seconds the WhatsApp ++ application shall be signed with your account and will be installed on your iPhone without problem.

Before starting to use the application you must follow a few steps Go to Settings. - General - Management of profiles and devices and there click on the profile that you used to install Cydia Impactor WhatsApp ++. Finally, just give in "Trust" and you're all set to use WhatsApp ++ with another different phone number.

I must say that WhatsApp ++ is a version with more configuration options than the official app WhatsApp to change, for example, the color of the text or send pictures without limit. But all is not rosy, is that WhatsApp ++ also has its limitations.

If you do not have developer account, the app WhatsApp ++ can only use it on your iPhone without Jailbreak for a week, which is the duration of the certificate signed by you. If you are an official developer the period shall be one year, but in both cases when the deadline pass must repeat the procedure again.

On the other hand, push notifications do not work to well 100%, and needless to say you can not use that number to WhatsApp on another device. Finally, you should know that the fact of using an unofficial app like WhatsApp ++ makes run the risk that you may block WhatsApp.
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