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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

How to Improve Your iPhone 7 Battery

As announced by Apple, the iPhone battery 7 offers two hours longer than its predecessor, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus more than an hour.

However, there have been many cases where seven brand new iPhone have battery problems. Therefore, in iPadizate you have tips to improve battery life of your mobile phone and you can use it to stop during the day.

Expectations iPhone 7 battery

Before delving into the tips to improve it , we leave the average performance statistics of the iPhone battery 7. If you notice these averages do not approach those of your mobile phone, then your battery is not giving his best.

It is important to understand that the battery performance may vary depending on how the phone is used. For example, if you listen to music from your library consumes less than using an application like Spotify, which it does via 4G or Wi-Fi.

From the section Settings> Battery, we can see the battery usage since its last full charge. These data show us how long the phone was used and how much was at rest unused, consuming battery also, since there are applications in the background still they are operating.

Now that we made it clear what to expect from the battery of your iPhone 7 and how to track their performance, we leave these recommendations in order to seize more and enjoy better battery life.

Location services

When installing a new application permission usually appears to know our location. Allow this creates a strong impact on the battery, since continually use the GPS in the background.

To avoid this , you must go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services. There you can disable the feature for applications you want.

Background updates

The work done multitasking iOS allows applications that update themselves in the background. Although Apple contemplated this possible minimizing the battery drain, it is something that consumes battery if or yes.

To disable you must go to Settings> General> Update in the background, and in there have the possibility to disable all, or you think necessary.

Network signal

If you're much of the day in places where coverage of your network is not 4G, you should consider using 3G. Why you should? Because 4G Radio consumes more battery power, something that is unnecessary if you do not have that coverage all the time. To change to 3G you must go to Settings> General> Enable / disable 4G where you must click off.

Using battery saving mode

Thus, already known and proven in previous versions, it is for when battery is a little and want to lengthen. It is based on saving energy by turning off background updates, visual effects and automatic downloads, among other things.

Apple confirms that the battery can thus have 3 hours of additional life. To access this mode please go to Settings> Battery.


Nevertheless, take care of your battery depends heavily on how you use it every day. Other options for battery care is to change the refresh rate of e-mails, leave the iPhone upside down so that it is not always active, remove the dynamic wallpaper and disable visual effects.

Do you use any of these tips to protect your battery? Is the battery of your iPhone 7 performs well?

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