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Monday, 24 October 2016

How to install WhatsApp ++ on iPhone without jailbreak

With the advent of mobile chat the need for SMS, in fact is no longer done. We use short messages, maybe if you want to send a message to the user, which, instead of a "zvonilka" smartphone. The most popular in the mobile world мессенджером is considered WhatsApp.

Utility called WhatsApp ++ allows eliminate restrictions on the application and add many essential functions. It contains special settings that are not available for users of the official version.

With the help of WhatsApp ++ you can eliminate many of the unpleasant WhatsApp limits. For example, after installing the plug in the new section of IOS you can activate Stealth Mode, which hides the last connection to the server and the status bar, disable notifications delivery of messages (Disable Delivery Receipts) and reading (Disable Read Receipts). Opportunities for WhatsApp ++ really a lot. Among other things, the utility gives the possibility of using a device at a time of two accounts.

How to Install WhatsApp ++ on iPhone without jailbreak and follow our instructions.


  • Mac with the latest version of OS X or Mac OS Sierra. If you have a Mac, you can turn your PC into a hackintosh Instructions: How to Install Windows macOS Sierra pc.
  • Xcode version 8 or higher, downloaded from the Mac App Store.
  • Developer account. If you have a full девелоперский Apple ID account, you can use the application during the year. The free account allows the utility to use within 7 days.

How to install WhatsApp ++ on iPhone without jailbreak

Step 1: On your computer, run the utility Xcode.

Step 2: Download the ppsideloader this link file.

Step 3: Download the IPA file WhatsApp ++ here.

Step 4: Unzip the ppsideloader with IPA-file folder. Replace the IPA file WhatsApp ++ file you downloaded in step 2. Previously, rename the app.ipa.

Step 5: In this directory, run the file ppsideloader.xcodeproj. Xcode automatically opens with the new project.

Step 6: In Xcode from the top panel, choose Xcode> Preferences. In the window that appears, click the Accounts tab, click the "+" button and select the Add option Apple ID. Now enter your account and password.

Step 7: Return to the main Xcode window, in the left pane, select ppsideloader. Here you want to change settings Bundle Identifier. You have to write a unique identifier, for example, com.por example sunombre.whatsapp.

Step 8: In the field of Team select your Apple ID. If a button is labeled review Issue, click it and an error is lost in the profile.

Step 9: In paragraph Deployment Target check the version of iOS. We recommend specifying iOS 9.3, even if you have iOS 10.

Step 10: Connect the iPhone to the computer and check that Targets section, noted for its device.

Step 11: Now you can run the application assembly, by clicking the "Play" button on the top panel or шорткатом CMD + R. After completing the process, Xcode notify the registration Finish running WhatsApp on iPhone.

Step 12: To be able to run WhatsApp ++ on your iPhone, you need to open the section Settings -> General -> Profiles and device management.

Here in the profile list, locate the developer WhatsApp, go to Profile and click "Trust".

Return to the home screen of the iPhone. Congratulations, you can now enjoy WhatsApp ++ (the WhatsApp2 + icon)!

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